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When selling a home, a real estate agent can be an indispensable resource.
A professional Real estate agent can give you up-to-date information regarding prices, legal documentation, financing, terms and conditions of competing properties, and information about the housing market in general.
A Professional real estate agent will market your property to other real estate agents – as well as to the public – and will know the best way to go about doing so.
A real estate agent can also help you objectively evaluate buyer proposals, and then, finally, help you close the sale. Studies indicate that agent-assisted home price was 27% higher than one sold “by owner.”


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Most people think that buying, selling or renting a house or office is just a question of clicking a few buttons on a portal like 99 acres or NOBROKER, but the reality is far from this. Any residential locality or area in Navi Mumbai has countless houses and complexes, each with their own usp and liability and legality. Each house or flat has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each flat of similar configuration can have widely varying carpet area. On top of that there are additional legal wrangles and requirements in Navi Mumbai as it falls under CIDCO (A company formed by the govt) and NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation). It takes years to learn the ropes of this trade if you want to do justice to your clients. With more than 30 years in the trade and experience at every level, we are more than equipped to help you understand the pros and cons of every step and decision you make. To sum up, making the correct decision in a real estate transaction requires diligence, knowledge of the laws, local conditions, market intelligence, taxes, ethics and transparency.
At Sky Properties, we are up to skills with all of the above so that your investment is safe and productive.

CIDCO Transfer

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The Navi Mumbai Real Estate market is unique when compared to other territories in Mumbai or elsewhere. In Navi Mumbai every piece and parcel of land was acquired in 1970s via the Land Acquisition Act. CIDCO was the Agency responsible for the planning and development of this land in Navi Mumbai. Real Estate in Navi Mumbai requires approval from CIDCO at every step. Whether its the allotment of land or the selling of flats or forming a society, every step requires approval from CIDCO. This right is vested with it via the New Bombay Disposal of Lands Act. With over 20 years of dealing with CIDCO at ever level, we are more than equipped to scrutinize documents or obtain the necessary clearances from CIDCO.


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When dealing with real estate in India one needs to be aware not only of the financial and tax laws but also the local building laws and regulations. In Maharashtra these laws are Tax laws, Foreign exchange laws (FEMA) for foreign/NRI investment, income tax laws, corporate tax laws, building and construction laws like National Building code, MRTP Act, New Bombay Disposal of Lands act, Land Acquisition act, CIDCO Navi Mumbai Development Control Regulations, MIDC Act, MHADA act, NMMC Development Control Regulations, Maharashtra Land Revenue Rules, Maharashtra Registration Act, Pollution control regulations, The co-operative societies act, case laws etc.
At sky properties we are up to date with all laws are regulations concerning real estate.

Over the years, we have assisted countless people in their efforts to buy, sell and rent real estate in Navi Mumbai.
Our expertise will give you more that what money can buy – Peace of Mind.

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