How to rectify mistakes in Index 2 of flat/property registration

Index 2 is a very important document whenever any transaction regarding purchase and sale of any property or real estate takes place in Maharashtra/Index 2. It contains all the important details about the transaction in brief.

It contains important details like registration number, the office where it was registered, the date, time, Ready reckoner value, Details about the property, its area, address, buyer details, seller details etc.

Many a times, mistakes are made in this document while entering the data before registration or during registration (while entering data). This can be due to the error/mistake by the person entering the data in the registration office.
The most common mistake is the date of execution and date of registration. The execution date is the date on which the document is signed.
The date of Registration is the date on which the parties visit the registration office and register the document, get their photographs taken and thumb imprints taken.

Index 2 explained
Index 2 explained

Often, even the people at the registration office are unaware of what is to be done once such a mistake has been detected. Even advocates are sometimes unaware of what is to be done. Most think that a rectification deed (new document) will have to be made specifying the mistake made in the index 2 and get it registered (just like the previous document). For this the parties will have to visit the registration office once again.

But this need not be done.

All that has to be done is to file a simple application with the registration office (where the document was registered) specifying the mistake made while entering data in the Index 2. The format of the same in given below.

The entire process takes 4-6 months as the document is routed first to the District registrars office and then to NIC in Pune for update of records.

Format of Index 2 correction
Format for correction in Index 2
Sky Properties Real Estate
Sky Properties Real Estate

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