Home loan survey results

Recently, BNP Paribas conducted a survey of the home loan Market in India.

The conclusions were as follows:

  1. Interest Rate Range: 9.95% to 13.75%
  2. Rates offered by banks: 9.95% to 11.75%
  3. Rates offered by NBFC (Non banking finance companies):10.75% to 13.75%
  4. Strongest Brand/Trust value: HDFC, SBI and LIC housing finance
  5. Most preferred among banks: ICICI, Axis, SBI.
  6. Most preferred among others: HDFC,LIC.
  7. Best due diligence: HDFC
  8. Best in efficiency : HDFC (Less than 6 days to process)
  9. Rate difference between finance firms and banks:20 basis points.
  10. Who gives max commission to agents: MNC banks (1%) followed by NBFC’s and Banks.
  11. Who sells the max home loans: Agents account for 50% of loans being sold. Direct sales and cross selling teams sell the rest. 

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