Man denied flat : RNA builders to pay compensation

English: RNA Courtyard, Mira road.

The Maharashtra consumer redressal commission has ordered RNA builders to pay 2.25 lakhs as compensation to Dinesh Singh who had booked a flat in a Mira Road project. In Sept 2009,Singh had purchased a flat for Rs 18.2 lakhs from RNA builders. Since the payment was linked to the construction stage of the project, RNA builders sent a letter demanding 1.15 lakhs on 24th April. However this letter was not accompanied by the Architects certificate specifying that the construction had been completed to the specified stage. When Singh visited the site he found that the plinth work had not been completed as specified in the demand letter. So he refused to pay. Later when the plinth work was completed, Singh offered to pay but the builder refused and told him that since he had delayed the payment, the agreement stood cancelled. He told him that if he still wanted the flat he would have to make the entire payment within a fortnight or he would not get the flat.
Singh took the builder to the consumer court and won the case for deficiency of service.

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