Petitioner against illegal buildings shot dead

Video of Murder

Navi Mumbai police have arrested an ex-cop in connection with the murder of builder Sunil Kumar Lahoria. The ex-police officer, Samuel Amolik, had been dismissed from service for his alleged links with the underworld. He has been charged with murder and conspiracy and remanded to police custody till February 22..
Police say that scrutiny of Mr Kumar’s mobile call data record revealed that he had received several calls from those who attacked Mr Lahoria before the murder.
Mr Lahoria was shot dead in front of his office on Saturday morning in the satellite town of Navi Mumbai. The entire murder was caught on the CCTV camera installed at the entrance of the office.
At around 8 am, as soon as Mr Lahoria, owner of SK Brothers, stepped out of his white BMW in front of his office in Vashi, a man in a security guard’s uniform shot him six times from a point-blank range. Another man then attacked Mr Lahoria with a chopper when he fell on the ground. As they were trying to escape, one of them was caught by locals.
Mr Lahoria, 52, was rushed to the Fortis Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Latest Update (21st Feb 2013)
Two accused in the murder of Mr.Sunil Kumar Lahoria, namely, Mr.Anurag Garg (Dimensions architect) and Mr.Suresh Bijlani are absconding and the police is on the lookout for them. They had filed for anticipatory bail in the Thane court but it was rejected. It has come to light that the threat calls made to the relatives of Sunil Kumar were indeed made from Suresh Bijlani’s number. Six other builders were also interrogated and their passports confiscated. Bijlani did not submit his passport saying that it was in the renewal process.

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6 Thoughts

  1. My earlier comment on this website has gone somewhere… but i do not want to sit quietly… I want justice against illegal builders and illegal construction which is harming our green land.. especially in nearby Pune district.. why we all are quiet.. Don’t we love our kids and want to see they live in peaceful and pollution free environment… faster we understand this, better for us else politician- builder nexus will kill us… Hiranandani Brothers news of Black Money has gone nowhere… no big news channel or newspaper ready to fight with builders..


    1. The only option is to vote for Aam aadmi party and Arvind Kejriwal.The situation is hopeless.The sooner we realize this the better.I see have seen massive scams in CIDCO land dept.Thousands of meters of prime land has been grabbed by politicians…and they come from every party…and they help each other while they fight in public.Wake up.


  2. Definitely I will vote for AAP… but problem is only educated class people will vote for them .. not poor and middle class and most importantly poor people vote after taking 100rs from the party and they sell their vote… Election Commission should be involved right now so that no party can buy vote..


    1. You are assuming things..
      Not only is Kejriwal connecting with the grassroots,he has their 100% support.Unless Cong and Bjp rig the electronic voting machines,its going to result in AAP win.Not only do people come in droves for his meetings,they donate as well.These sabhas are held daily in different parts of Delhi.If you were waiting for the mainstream media to show you this,then you were looking in the wrong places.
      If you want to donate online,here is the link….
      You can donate any amount.Even 50 rupees is fine.


  3. I have saved the link and definitely donate 1000rs, give me some time. Hoping AAP to win at least 30 seats… I am not seeing TOI writing about AK.. and also write to all IT companies like infosys, wipro employee id with good message can do propaganda.. I will also help..


  4. why only real estate prices gets down o papers but in realty they always rise…is the magic of Black Money?


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