CIDCO to give height approval on behalf of Airport Authority

Airports Authority of India

CIDCO has received provisional approval from AAI (Airports authority of India) to grant height approval for buildings up to a height of 75 meters in Ulwe. As Ulwe lies directly in the flight path of the upcoming airport at Ulwe, prior sanction from the Airports Authority is required before construction. Till now the approval had to be obtained directly from the AAI, which used to cause unnatural delays. On an average, AAI approval used to take 4-6 months, but now will be possible in 20 days. The final approval will be granted by AAI itself. This is the first time that AAI has given the authority to approve the height of a building to another agency.
The height of a building is the lowest closest to the airport runway and goes on increasing up to 20 km from the runway.
75 meters is roughly equal to a 15 storied building. Therefore, clearances for buildings up to 15 stories will be provided by CIDCO.

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