CIDCO officers caught in another Land Scam

illegal building demolished

A new land scam has come to light in CIDCO. Land officers in collusion with Lakshman Tandel, a farmer, forged documents to show that he was dead, thereby getting a plot for each of his legal heirs under the 12.5% scheme of CIDCO. The plots were in Sector44, Seawoods.

The CIDCO officers are Anant Mathuram Dalvi (retired special land acquisition officer), Sheela Moreshwar Joshi (retired land survey officer from CIDCO), Ramesh Sonawane (current land survey officer, CIDCO), Dayanand Tandel (CIDCO clerk), the farmer Mr.Kunda, his wife, sons and married daughters.

The case relates to the year 1989 and the case was registered in Belapur Police station.
Social activist Sandeep Thakur was the force behind this prosecution.

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