Kharghar Golf course charges-Golf course is now open

11 holes
Club house
Maintenence shed
Par length  4552 yards
Area 52 hectares
6 lakes

Week days
1 round Rs 500

1 round Rs 750

1 round Rs 1000

Summer 6:30 am to 4 pm
Winter 7 am to 3:30 pm

Note : Please do not contact us for any details regarding membership or any other issue regarding the golf course.We are merely the writers of this article and in no way are associated with CIDCO or its Golf course.

8 Thoughts

    1. Not in the near future.I doubt whether they will have a full time membership model.I think it will be the first public golf course in India.Open for general public.


      1. oh thats bad… i wish they hav some kind of a membership… im sure they ll form a club or sort of a thing… is ther anyway someone can keep me updated about this??


  1. I doubt it.CIDCO is a govt agency.I doubt whether they can form exclusive clubs for members only.In a way,its good,as more people will be able to get into the sport and the sport gains.


    1. Maybe a month or two?Just a guess.There is an election code of conduct in force.Thats the reason even the Panvel flyover opening ceremony has been delayed.


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