Conmen use forged documents to erect 40 buildings on outskirts of Dombivali

illegal building demolished

A new sensational fraud has been unearthed in the Dombivali region of Mumbai. Six conmen -Sunil Gawde, Sunil Bodhare, Satyawan Kadam, Ajay Kolte, Vishal and Mritunjay Singh came up with a unique plan to defraud people by targeting areas falling out of the Dombivali-Kalyan Municipal corporation.
Since areas which are out of the Municipal corporation supervision fall under the approval of the collector, Deputy collector and Tehsildar, the accused forged documents of approval from all these officials and made over 40 buildings in the villages of Bhopar, Davdi, Azade, Govali and Nandavli, all located on the fringes of Dombivali. They would also forge the NA (non agricultural) permission which is required to construct in rural areas.
The gang was operational for the past 2 years and used to lure buyers by placing ads in local newspapers and cable tv channels.
A case of fraud and forgery has been lodged against them by the Ulhasnagar police station.
The scam came to light after a tip off to the police.

Update 11 June 2012
As a follow-up to this scam investigations, 20 more builders have been found guilty of similar violations. 33 builders have been booked of which 6 have been arrested while 27 are absconding. Police sources said that a couple of them were close to MNS and BJP mla’s. The tally of illegal buildings have crossed 100. Collusion of members from the gram panchayat etc cannot be ruled out.

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