Extra FSI approved for Mumbai’s Koliwadas

This is an 1893 map of the original islands of...

The chief minister Mr.Chauhan, on friday cleared the proposal to hike FSI (floor space index) of Koliwadas of Mumbai to 2 from 1.This is on similar lines to the FSI in Gaothan areas. However, unlike Gaothan areas, Koliwadas have not been mapped and hence a mapping drive will also be undertaken. The Survey will be carried out over a period of 3 months. Following which a clear demarcation of Koliwadas will be available with the Govt. This will be applicable to Koliwadas within the city limits initially.
With an FSI of 2,the gross area of the constructed building will be twice the area of the plot it stands on.
However, some sections of the Koli community were skeptical of getting any benefit as most of the houses in Koliwadas have already violated the 1 fsi and are, in some cases, up to 3.It may be worth pointing out that most SRA projects get an FSI of 3.
At the most the new regulations will help regularize the violations, felt most people.

The following is a list of Mumbai’s Koliwadas

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